Navigation systems for campers

Proper navigation to destination is a little something for camping enthusiasts thanks to the specially tailored to their needs navigation devices. We provide three devices between 200 and 350 euros that are characterized by a good price-performance ratio. Significantly more expensive devices such as TomTom Navi “Go Live Camper & Caravan” remain conscious unmentioned because of the high prices.

Becker Transit 70 LMU: stress-free driving on vacation

For a purchase price of approximately 350 euros, this navigation system with 7-inch display numerous functions. It includes maps for 45 European countries, the specific route information of Truck & Camper Navigation Pro, however, provided only for 29 countries available. After entering the vehicle data including specific track peculiarities (gradient, road closures, etc.), the calculation of the appropriate route for your camping vehicle. Thanks to the practical height profile function you can see already before starting a corresponding diagram of the track and adjust the route accordingly. Thanks to the integrated WiFi interface at any time on-line services “Becker Transit 70 LMU” use and get the latest traffic information. The services can be tested for free for one month. Because all fixes are included for the life of the equipment in the purchase price, your maps are always up to date.

Falk Neo 640 LMU Camper Navigation System – effective model & easy navigation

The purchase price of approximately 200 euros all map updates for the entire life of the equipment are included. The navigation system with high resolution 6-inch display includes a built-Camper navigation, where you can save an individual profile of your camping vehicle and make an individual route calculation. In integrated ADAC camping and parking guides data on over 5400 campsites and 4500 plots throughout Europe are stored.

Also worth mentioning are the 3D lane guidance and the Marco Polo Travel Guide, which holds a lot of information about the different destinations. Because of the low price the device has neither a voice control even over a speakerphone for your cell phone. Positive are the current Camper alerts at any time allow an optimal overview of the current risk situations for an individual navigation.
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